Notices [Notice] Shadow Arena Champions Showdown - Asia (Team) Participants Announcement (Updated)
ShadowArena 2020-06-25 23:00 (UTC+9)


To determine the best teams of the Asia server, 

the Shadow Arena Champions Showdown – Asia (Team)!   


We want to thank everyone who signed up to participatenowhere are your participants for the Champions Showdown!


 Shadow Arena Champions Showdown - Asia (Team) Participants Announcement


■ Champions Showdown and Broadcast Schedule  

- June 28, 2020 (Sun) at 15:00 (UTC+9) - Expected to Run 3 Hours   

▶ Watch the Live Broadcast on our Official Channel (Twitch)

▶ Watch the Live Broadcast on our Official Channel (Steam)



■ Champions Showdown Server  

- Asia Server  



■ Participants  

Dopa 스시
darkness armada
다르킨 그림자암살자
IiiliIlillI 휴하
에르 엄준식
Nimb 皮子
SIKA 정히릿
진가소 장지환
악귀 악령
오로롱 Banishing
Lena 차사
호준s 하멜
코크 Gold강
순삭검 seidg
고라파덬 푸딩
Spoh Mime
ssony 질긴목숨
未紅 (Additional Participant) Douyu45672 (Additional Participant)
Ability (Additional Participant) HyejinFiora (Additional Participant)

* The participants for the ‘Shadow Arena Champions Showdown - Asia (Team)’ were selected from everyone who signed up based on Team ranking.

The Champions Showdown will be broadcasted live on our official channelas a resultthe nicknames and other details of participants may be broadcastedPearl Abyss reserves the right to use the video (unedited or edited) of this broadcast for promotional purposes without limitations to time or region.   

The nicknames of all participants will be visible during the Shadow Arena Champions Showdown – Asia (Team) 

To facilitate communication between us and participantswe’ve sent a Discord channel URL through the in-game mailWe ask our participants to enter this Discord channel before the start of the Champions Showdown.   

After you join the participant-only Discord channel, please inform [CM] Venslar of your team name that will be displayed during the live broadcast before June 27 (Sat) 23:59 (UTC+9).

If you fail to provide your team name or your name is deemed inappropriate, then your team name will be set as the party leader’s nickname that was provided in the sign-up form.  

The Champions Showdown will start at the scheduled time even if a participant fails to enter the arena or there are less than 34 participants (17 teams) before the start time. 



■ Champions Showdown Format and Scoring System  

① Players selected to participate must log in to the Asia server before the start of the event and wait in the lobby.   

There will be a non-participation penalty if you fail to participate in a round.    

 - It is a 20-point penalty for failing to participate in 1 round  

② Participants who are waiting in the Lobby (main screenwill be invited to the arena.    

Only the Party Leader can accept the invitePlease make sure that the player listed as the party leader on the sign-up form is the one who creates the party.    

If you leave the match before it beginsyour party may be disbanded, and we will not provide any additional invitesso please make sure to carefully select your Hero  

If you enter or are in a different menu (storageetc.) besides the main screenyou may not receive the room inviteso please make sure to wait in the “Main Screen” menu for your invitation.    

If fail to accept the invite within a set period of timeyou will be considered as forfeiting your participation.    

③ The round will start once all participants have entered.   

④ Once the round is overthe next round will follow steps ① - ③ again until all rounds are completed 

There will be a total of 4 rounds, and the winner of the Shadow Arena Champions Showdown – Asia (Teamwill be determined according to the total points earned from all the rounds.    

* Shadow Arena Champions Showdown - Asia (Team) will follow the Shadow Arena Competitive Rules 


■ Scoring System  


Points Earned  

1st Place Per Round 

50 Points 

2nd Place Per Round 

10 Points 

3rd Place Per Round 

4 Points 

4th Place Per Round 

2 Points  

5th Place Per Round 

1 Point 

Kill (After 4-min. Grace Period) 

10 Points (Per 1 Kill) 

Fail to Participate in a Round 

-20 (Per Round) 

*ExampleIf a team gets 3rd place in round 1, 2nd place in round 2, 2nd place in round 3, 1st place in round 4, and a total of 10 killsthis team will earn a total of 174 points.   

*The winner of the event will be determined by the total points earned from all rounds which may differ from the survival ranking of each round.   



- If a player is found to be using an unauthorized program a match, the player will be immediately disqualified and removed; this player will also face game restrictions in accordance with the Terms of Service.   

- Please submit any reports regarding unauthorized program use via [Support] within 7 days after the end of the event, and there may be rematches depending on the judgement of the event organizers.  

- If a player is found to be using an unauthorized program a match, the match will be halted and restarted after the offending player has been removed.    

- If you fail to participate or leave the arena during a match (including disconnects), you will be deemed as forfeiting your participation and your score for that round will not be counted.     

- There will be a total of 4 rounds, and it may take more than 2 hours to complete all the rounds. We recommend having extra time to continue playing on that day if the time takes longer than expected.     

- If a player who is selected to participate fails to attend without a specific reason after signing up, this player may be less likely to be selected to participate in future events. If you cannot attend due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances, please let us know via Support.     

- Inappropriate/offensive nicknames may disqualify you from participating or result in your nickname being changed without your consent.    

- There will not be rematches due to reasons such as lag and other similar issues.  

- In the event of extraordinary circumstance or if the match is deemed too difficult to proceed, the match may be suspended or restarted depending on the judgement of the organizers.    

- If you have been restricted for violating the Terms of Service after the start of Early Access, you may not be allowed to participate.   

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change/cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.   

- If you have any other questions or concerns related to the event, please contact us via [Support].

- Any matters not listed on this page will follow the [Shadow Arena Competitive Rules] and[Shadow Arena Terms of Service].