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ShadowArena 2020-09-10 20:40 (UTC+9)


Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.


Following our goal for Shadow Arena to be an E-sports game, we’ve been hosting several tournaments such as Regional Cup, Showdown, etc during the Early Access period before official release.  


We thought long and hard on how we can make each competition fun and novel and recently introduced a completely new set of rules and format through Weekly Tryout system.   


After the 1st week of Weekly Tryouts, however, several players have pointed a need to change the tournament rules. We also believe it was necessary to give more engaging experience, so we are changing the rules as below: 


Firstly, on Weekly Tryout Preliminaries placement calculation 

We heard your feedback that basing the placements solely on survival ranking makes the early game phase too dull that you lose your sense of purpose to continue on to the later phase of the match. With that in mind, we  decided to implement the point calculation method that has already been verified through previous tournaments in the Weekly Tryout Preliminaries. The new point calculation method is as following: 


 Point Calculation  


Points Acquired   

1st place in a round (Modified)

55 points 

2nd place in a round (Modified)

14 points 

3rd place in a round (Modified)

3 points 

4th place in a round (Modified)

2 points 

5th place in a round (Modified)

1 point 

Kill (3 min after game start)   

10 points per kill  

* Each Preliminary round will be single-round, just like before. (Updated)

If two or more players have the same amount of total points, the final placements will be determined by the survival ranking for that round.  


Howeversome time is needed before the new rules can be applied to the systemThuswe will temporarily halt the system from automatically giving Finals Tickets after Preliminaries are finishedDuring this timewe plan to use the above point calculation method to select the players advancing to the Finals and send the Finals Tickets to them all at once after the Preliminaries endWe ask for your patience and understanding regarding this matter. 



Finallyon participating in tournament with secondary accounts  

Many players showed concerns regarding secondary accounts participating in tournaments during the 1st week of Weekly Tryout Preliminaries and Finals.  


Participation in the Shadow Arena tournaments so far were based on an “account”. Participating in a tournament with 1 account when you own more than 2 accounts (for example, participating in the tournament not with your main account that you play with the most but with a secondary account) does not go against the tournament rules and we have no plans to restrict it in the future 


However, using the fact that the Preliminaries are held in different times, participating in them with more than 2 accounts, and advancing to the finals, can negatively affect other players’ chance to participate in the match. All the administrators have agreed that this kind of situation goes against the purpose of the tournament.  


Thus, we are changing some requirements and rules for the tournament as following: 


  1. You must be Silver V or higher to participate in the Preliminaries. 

-  Weekly Tryouts welcomed players of all ranks to invite as many people to take part in the competitive fun but after the 1st week of Weekly Tryouts, we will now require participants to be Silver V or higher.   


  1. The amount of Preliminaries Tickets given will be set to 2.  

To encourage as many players to participate in the tournament, we are changing the amount of Preliminaries Tickets given to 2With just 2 tries for you to advance to the Finals, we hope that each match is even more thrilling and engaging. 

* Players will now get 4 Preliminaries Ticket to participate in the Weekly Tryout (Asia). [9/17 (Thu) Maintenance Update Details]


  1. We will enforce penalties and disciplinary actionsfor rule violations more strictly 

 We will apply clearer standards when enforcing the contents of Section 7 Penalties and Disciplinary Action for Rule Violations - Disqualification under standard Shadow Arena Competitive Rules regarding users who are found to have participated in the tournament with 2 or more accounts”. In future tournaments we plan to add verification process of information collected when using our service and if 2 or more accounts are found participating in the same tournament, all the accounts will be disqualified.  


The above changes will apply starting from 2nd week of Weekly Tryouts.  


Shadow Arena has always tried different and new methods throughout several CBTS and Early Access. We are trying our best to listen to all the feedbacks from all our players as closely as possible and work on Shadow Arena with everyone.  


We will continue to listen to everyone as we have done so far. 


We would like to thank everyone for your love and support for Shadow Arena and we hope you stay tuned for upcoming tournaments.  


Thank you. 



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