Notices [Notice] Shadow Arena Early Access Announcement
ShadowArena 2020-04-23 16:00 (UTC+9)


Greetings, this is Shadow Arena. 

From the first Beta to the recent Final Beta, we’ve been able to successfully complete each and every one of them thanks to the incredible support and engagement of all our testers. 


In this journey together, everyone’s heartfelt support and thorough feedback made us realize once again just how immense and overwhelming of a process it is to create a game. Thank you for all the support you’ve given us in these past beta tests.



With this experience and feedback, we will begin Early Access on May 21 (Thu). 


So what is “Early Access”? Early Access is a stage of development where the game is available to play before the official service, and at the same time, where we can actively implement everyone’s feedback to develop the game and bring it closer to completion. 


With Early Access about a month away, we are constantly reviewing what was lacking in the previous beta tests and intently making improvements. We are working hard to prepare new content and a more satisfying service. 


If you have any feedback or suggestions for a better Shadow Arena or would just like to stay updated with our latest news, please feel free to visit the Shadow Arena official Discord channel.


▶ Shadow Arena Official Discord


We’re doing our utmost to be better than ever and present you with an unforgettable gameplay experience, so please stay tuned for Early Access!

Thank you. 



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