Notices [Notice] Known Issues
ShadowArena 2020-06-02 21:00 (UTC+9)


Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena. 


We want to keep you informed regarding the details of the current known issues. 


Please refer below to minimize any inconveniences to your gameplayWe will continue to update you through this notice if any additional issues are discovered. 



  • ● Encountering a Login Page on the Steam Launcher while already logged intoSteam 

Please try the [Scan Files] option at the bottom of the launcher and restart your game launcher after it’s complete.  


Encounter a 'WinLicense' related pop-up window
- After completely downloading the patch, please restart your launcher.


● 'Invalid ticket' error message when launching the game from the Steam platform
- Restarting the game launcher will let you play the game properly.


● An issue where you cannot turn the camera to the right.

- [Menu] > [System Settings] > and clicking on [Reset] will allow the camera to function properly.


● Hero sporadically loses Black Spirit transformation before reaching the ground while flying through the air after being killed during the grace period.

- This issue will be fixed during next week’s scheduled maintenance.


● Frame rate drops when the game window setting is set to "Full Screen" mode.

- For optimal gameplay, we recommend playing the game in Full Screen Window or Window mode.


● Average Ranking Kill Score is shown as 0
- If you play at least 1 game, the average kill score will appear normally.


● Incorrect instructions for assembling the “Summon Scroll: Ancient Weapon Puturum” in Ancient Weapon Fragments item description

- This issue will be resolved during the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

● Match records now showing up properly in the [Recent Matches] in-game screen


● "Verification has expired. Please login again." message sporadically appears when logging in from certain PC Cafes.

- Please note that you can play the game normally after re-logging in, and this issue will be resolved during next week's regularly scheduled maintenance.


Resolved Issues

● Certain products appearing under the Sale tab in the Shop
- Please note, this issue will be resolved during this week’s scheduled maintenance.
● Gcoin icon appears incorrectly
- This issue will be resolved during the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

● Game unexpectedly shuts down when spectating a player's PoV in Spectator Mode

- Please note that this issue does not occur when spectating normally.

● Afterimage of AI Bots does not disappear



If you continue to experience the same issue after trying the instructions above, please provide us the exact details via our Customer Support or the launcher’s Report Error function. 


We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, and we will work harder to provide better services. 


Thank you.