Updates [Update] 5/22 (Fri) Maintenance Update Detail
ShadowArena 2020-05-22 19:00 (UTC+9)


Greetingsthis is Shadow Arena. 


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during temporary maintenance on May 22 (Fri).  


The update patch size for this maintenance is approximately 54.99 MB.

We hope you’ll enjoy more amazing battles in the arena!



Thank you for your patience during the maintenance. As token of our apperciation, please accept the following compensation.

Temporary Maintenance Compensation
 - Who is Eligible: Accounts created before this maintenance
 - Compensation Details: 1000 silver
 - Expiration Date: May 28, 2020 at 23:59(UTC+0)

* Notices
 - If you do not collect the compensation enclosed in the mail before the expiration date, the compensation will be deleted and unreceivable.



■ Heroes 

- Slightly decreased the DP effectiveness of all Heroes.  

- Changed the hitbox of projectiles to be slightly bigger.  

Dev Memo: With the addition of the green blessed area, matches started to drag out a bit more as the victors were not easily determined. Thus, we slightly reduced the effectiveness of DP (4.1%) to improve the pace of battle. We will continue to keep an eye on damage after this change; if damage is too high or not enough, we will make further adjustments.  


The change in the way projectiles are handled might make elaborate and predictive shots be more reliable, but this change seems to have made using ranged heroes too difficult. That’s why we’ve changed the hitbox of projectiles to be a bit bigger with this update. If it’s still too difficult to adjust to after this, we will consider additional changes.  



- Fixed an issue with one of the skill descriptions stating the incorrect max damage.  

- Fixed stance change for sometimes not properly occurring in non-optimal network conditions.   

- Patient Stance (RMB): Increased the damage of basic attacks in this stance by 2 times.  

- Light’s Judgement (4): Fixed the skill to have the same attack effect regardless of stance.  

> The maximum damage will be the same as before while in Courage Stance, and the Blowback effect from Patient Stance will also be retained.   

> Adjusted the shield capacity in Patient Stance to handle 24% more damage that before. 

- Stance Change (RMB): Adjusted the cooldown from 1 sec. to 2 sec.  

- Blades of Retribution - Courage Stance (1): Decreased the damage by 13.5%.  

- Radiant Pursuit - Courage Stance (2): Decreased the damage by 10%. 

Dev Memo: Since Venslar could theoretically be an “all-around” hero that can handle every situation, we set her defensive capabilities rather conservatively and instead made Courage Stance skills stronger to be easier to use. However, this seemed to skew the focus to Courage Stance; thus, we improved Patient Stance and decreased the somewhat excessive damage of Courage Stance skills. With Venslar just being released, we will continue to keep a close eye on what players are saying about her.       



- Explosive Trap (4): Changed to explode after 1 min. 30 sec. if left untriggered by another Hero.  

- Natural Marksman (RMB): Increased damage by 10.1%.   

- Arrow Storm (2): Increased damage by 5.2%.  

Dev Memo: Although it is difficult to land arrows, the damage seemed insufficient in comparison, so most ended up using this Hero at close-range with her traps. While we welcome different playstyles for the Heroes, we still want to make her ranged abilities better by increasing the damage of her arrows to make her inherent concept as a ranged hero not become something that’s difficult to play.   



- Golden Gate (4): Changed the amount of stamina consumed to the following. 

  > 1st Gate: Before 0 → After 100 

  > 2nd Gate: Before 75 → After 150 

  > 3rd Gate: Before 150 → After 200 

  > 4th Gate: Before 225 → After 250 

  > 5th Gate: Before 300 → After 300 

  > 6th Gate: Before 375 → After 350 

  > 7th Gate: Before 450 → After 400 

  > 8th Gate: Before 500 → After 450 

- Asura Tread (RMB): Changed the skill so that switching to other skills will be slower if the skill’s additional attack fails.    

- Enhanced Sleeve Tangler (2): Fixed issue of the additional hit (3rd hit) of the Ultimate Level activating when the skill isn’t performed with the precise timing.  

Dev Memo: Badal is a hero that clearly shows a difference in mastery. However, we felt that differences in a hero's performance based on skill should not result in an excessive difference for the limits of each hero. While Badal displays exceptional maneuverability and combo capabilities, there were also very little risks involved when succeeding or failing an attack. To address this, we’ve adjusted Asura Tread to allow for a clear weak point if the attack misses, allowing other players a window to counter attack. Also, we’ve made it more difficult to quickly pursue other players by using Asura Tread consecutively as it was before. 



- Ancient Dragon's Breath (2): Adjusted the damage for level 2 and 3 to the following. 

  > Level 2: Increased by 10.4% 

  > Level 3: Increased by 12.5%  

Dev Memo: To reduce Herawen’s strength in team battles, we reduced the additional damage on frozen status, but as a result, her combo damage in solo was reduced as well. Therefore, we’ve raised the damage of Ancient Dragon's Breath for level 2 and 3.



- Bestial Howl (4): Improved to apply the stun effect that was applied only at the start of the attack to now apply while it is being casted.  

Dev Memo: There were too many cases where you could not properly combo if Bestial Howl was used too quickly after knocking over an enemy. That’s why we increased the timing for Bestial Howl’s stun effect to make it easier to combo.  



■ Item 

- Increased the AP of Shadow Lord's Weapon and Shadow Lord's Sub-Weapon by +20.  

Dev Memo: 


Even though players had nearly the best-possible gear, the winner wasn’t being decided quickly, so we felt that it was greatly reducing the tension at the final stages of a match. As a result, we decided to increase the AP of the strongest weapons. 


■ Fixes and Improvements 

- Fixed emotes to show a purple effect for a longer period of time. 

- Fixed issue of AI matches sometimes not ending. 



We apologize for any inconveniences to your gameplay, and we will do our best to provide a better service.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.     





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