Updates [Update] October 15 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2020-10-15 14:00 (UTC+9)



Greetings, this is Shadow Arena.     

Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance update on October 15 (Thu).   


* Patch Size: 371.32MB (Approx.)     


Please launch the game client to receive the latest update to apply the changes below.       

Check out all the details below, and we will see you in the arena!    



■ Random Heroes Selection 

- Added an option to select random Heroes.  

Random Heroes 

- When you select Random, any Hero can be selected even if you do not own them.  

This is only available in Solo/Team mode.  

Not available for tournaments.  

If you play as a random Hero, the Hero and Individual Ranking will be categorized separately as Random instead of the Hero that you end up playing.  

  > Hero Mastery will still be applied to the Hero that you end up playing.  

Ninformation is displayed in the Introduction tab for the Hero when Random is selected 

If you play as a random Heroyou will be displayed as Black Spirit in your rival’s screenHoweveryou will be shown as “?” in the game result screen 

This week we added a feature where you can play as Random Heroes. 

Even though there is a risk of playing an unfamiliar Hero, there is a benefit of concealing your Hero information from your rival and other players. However, there may be some that may abuse the system by entering and leaving matches until they get their desired Hero, so the Hero is revealed after the match starts 

We apologize if you were looking forward to a new Hero release. It would be nice if there was someone hiding among the Random Heroes... 


■ Hero 

Fixed an issue where projectiles pass through when targets sprint 

- Improved on an issue where Dark Shift (Q) does not work when you are Stiffened consecutively. 

We “finally(!!) fixed the long-time bug where projectile skills sometimes do not land and pass through a fast-moving target. We apologize for taking so long to address this.  

Since this is another tournament week, we are refraining from big Hero balance changes and focusing on Hero bugs. 


Hero Rankings 

When a player exists a match abnormally, the lowest rank will be applied for their Hero Rankings. 

  > This will be applied to previous matches on record as well. 




Phantom Raven (RMB) 

Fixed an intermittent issue where attacks don’t land against walls.  

Fixed the AoE range in the skill description to match the actual AoE range.  

  > Before: 200 → After: 350 




Fairy Flame (RMB) 

Fixed an issue where the actual hit is not registered even though the animation is shown when using Fairly Flame (RMB) while rotating the screen quickly and moving.  




Explosive Trap (4) 

Fixed an issue where Explosive Trap (4) did not trigger well against stealthed Heroes. 





Fixed an issue where the stance automatically changes to Courage Stance when dismounting from Ancient Weapon in Patience Stance.  


Shield Throw (Patience Stance - 1) 

Fixed an intermittent issue where the thrown shield passes through the terrain and disappears. 




Wing Breaker (2) 

Fixed an intermittent issue where the Blowback effect does not apply when you change direction immediately after grabbing the target.  

- Improved an intermittent issue where the grab is cancelled immediately when grabbing the target while they are getting up.  




Shield of Revenge (RMB) 

Fixed an issue where the counterattack is not activated even though there is sufficient stamina.  




Fixed an issue where Heilang attacks Laytenn when Ba-Ri attacks while summoning Laytenn. 

Fixed an issue where you can jump over obstacles when you move quickly while crouched. 

Fixed an issue where Heilang is revived after Ba-Ri dies in King of the Hill mode.  


Heilang (RMB) 

Added a text about revival and regen and improved explanation about Heilang in the skill description.  



■ Deathmatch 

Fixed an intermittent issue where an item is created when Gorgath attacks another target after using Forbidden Alchemy (4) in Deathmatch.  


■ Monsters and AI 

Reduced the rate of obtaining Ancient Weapon Fragments from defeating monsters by 50%.  

- Changed the HP bar to appear on top of the mounted Laytenn when another Hero attacks it. 

Fixed an issue where damage is delayed when you are hit by Badal and Ahon bot’s projectile skills. 

Fixed an issue where bots get up quickly when Stun or Knockback is applied after they are knocked back.  

Fixed an intermittent issue where bots are revived on the spot when they die during the respawn time.  

Changed the maximum number of bots in a game to 28. This does not apply in beginner games.  

Ancient Weapons were originally obtainable from altars, but they showed up more than we intended due to Battle Pass and Ancient Weapon Fragments.  

Thus, we lowered the drop rate of Ancient Weapon Fragments and we intend to remove Ancient Weapon Summon Scrolls from future Battle Passes.  

Also, we noticed that starting a match became more difficult when there is a low number of players online. This was due to the limit we implemented last week on the maximum number of bots. Thus, we raised the maximum bot limit to 28. (This is same as changing the minimum number of players to start the game from 5 to 2) 


■ Event 

Changed the event banners for on-going events. 

- [Predict the Winner!] event has started.  

  Event PeriodOctober 15, 2020 (Thuafter maintenance ~ October 18, 2020 (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+9) 

  Get a special title for predicting the winner of Oct 2020 Regional Cup (Asia)! 

  ▶ Check [Predict the Winner!] event details 


■ Other Fixes and Improvement 

- Changed the respawn message to appear for all party members if the party gets wiped in a duel before the match starts in Team mode.  

  > If there is a Random hero in the party, deaths in duels do not affect the Hero you get. 

Fixed an intermittent issue where Ancient Weapon Puturum effects remained even after dismounting from it. 

Fixed an issue where the average Hero Record were not displaying correctly.   

Added the [Hero] tag in front of the weapon skin names.  

Changed the pop-up message that appears when grab and dodge are applied at the same time. 

  > BeforeThe location of the action's target is invalid. → AfterThe target evaded it. 

Fixed an issue where the waist area is not displayed when [Gerhard Shultz] God of the Arena is equipped. 



Thank you. 


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