Updates [Update] July 29 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2021-07-29 04:00 (UTC+0)



Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on July 29th (Thu).

* Patch Size: Approx. 275.02 MB


Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!




■ Solo Mode (Custom Match)


- Added Solo mode to Custom matches.

> Solo mode is currently only available to play as a Custom match.

> Solo mode will later become available to play as a main mode like Trio mode.

- A Solo match requires at least 10 players and has a maximum of 12 players.


* How is Solo mode different from Trio mode?


- All Heroes gain +25 AP/DP every minute after the match begins.

- Resurrection will be available for 5 minutes after the match begins. If you die within the 5-minute Grace Period, you will immediately resurrect and be launched into the air as a Black Spirit.

- The Black Spirit skill, “Barrier,” is available to use with the V key.

> Cooldown: 5 minutes

> You cannot change or swap this skill for a different skill.

> Heroes will transform into a Black Spirit and jump forward, creating a barrier where they land.

> This barrier lasts for 7 seconds, and the caster can destroy it by pressing the V key.

> If the barrier overlaps with another one, the one that was casted later will be destroyed.

> Using the Red Dragon’s Offering while inside a barrier will cause the barrier to be destroyed by the item’s unleashed power. Barriers will also be burned down if attacked by the Red Dragon’s flames.

> This barrier will still disappear even if you are under the power of the Light of Ascension.

> Although enemy heroes outside of the barrier cannot enter inside, you can still be hit by AoE attacks from outside if you stand near the barrier’s outer edges.

> Summoning the barrier will cause heroes at the edge of the barrier to be blown away.

- All item effects (excluding AP/DP) have been decreased by 25-30%.


[Dev Note]

In this update, we focused our development on matching balance and in-game content that were originally set for Trio mode to better-fit Solo mode.


Nevertheless, this update’s Solo mode is still incomplete. For instance, we’re currently developing a kill buff that is separate from Trio mode’s buff. Since in Trio mode, this buff is meant to apply for an entire party but would only apply for one play in Solo mode, rendering it far less potent. As a result, we’re planning on making Solo mode’s kill buff be a bit stronger.


And with the upcoming start of the season, there’ll be a ranking system, Solo mode-exclusive Challenges, daily quests, and more, where you will of course be able to earn Support Boxes and other rewards just like Trio mode.


We know for a fact that there will be still many shortcomings. As such, we’ve added Solo mode to Custom matches in advance of the next season, and we plan to use our internal playtesting and our players’ feedback to continue to create further updates.


Our goal is to develop Solo mode with our players and start the new season with Solo mode as the main game mode. Solo mode will be finished and released as an official mode before you know it, so please stay tuned.


■ Major Improvements


- Sparring Grounds will now display damage and HP recovery numbers.

> Continuous hits will display the accumlated amount of damage.
> Damage inflicted will be in orange, damage sustained will be in red, and HP recovered will be in green.

[Dev Note]

We’ve improved Sparring Grounds to display damage and HP recovery numbers, allowing players to more accurately understand the abilities and limits of each hero. Moving forward, we’ll be further developing the Sparring Grounds to make it a more convenient place to chill and practice with other players. For example, we plan to introduce current or soon-to-be-released monsters/objects/heroes, allowing players to experience them in advance. Another possibility is introducing additional NPCs to bring to life the “village” atmosphere.

| Map

- Fixed terrain on the Serendia Map that hindered players or obstructed their view.
> Removed the rocky region on the road that lead to the Shrine and added a low slope.
> Removed the fence on the high slope located on the North Jump Gate and added a low slope.
> Decreased the amount of wheat by 50% in the South Wheat Plantation.

> Removed approximately 15 bushes.

> Removed approximately 102 trees.

[Dev Note]

  We’ve removed the wheatbushes, and trees that have long been blocking our players’ viewsThese factors play a big part in the geography and atmosphere of the area, so not everything could be removedbut we prioritized and made adjustments to the areas where players most commonly experienced difficultiesMoving forwardwe are planning to make further adjustments like this update if players are greatly inconvenienced.


■ Heroes


- Improved Kick to display a Shield visual during its initial casting animation for all Heroes.
- Improved so stamina is not consumed when all Heroes use the ‘Jump’ skill except for Haru.
> Improved so Haru can perform basic jump instead of enhanced jump when her stamina is low.
- Improved so you can instantly teleport while in Black Spirit mode.
- Changed the motion displayed for Heroes upon winning a match (excludes Hexe Marie, Yuju, Ba-Ri & Heilang)
- Changed jump attacks to consume 10 stamina. (Exception: Haru’s jump consumes 10 stamina, while her jump attack does not consume any stamina.)
- Added sound to the victory motions of all Heroes.

[Dev Note]

You’ve probably had that annoying experience of trying to jump forward from a high height but ended up jump in place due to insufficient stamina. As such, we’ve decreased stamina consumption across the board to take away from the movement of certain heroes (especially Haru or Tantu) with efficient forward jump or jump attacks. Forward jumps, which are simply used for movement, will be easier to use since they no longer consume stamina, and only jump attacks will now consume stamina. However, in Haru’s case, her basic jump has a similar movement efficiency as a skill, so it alone will still consume stamina.



- Decreased his base DP from 180 to 140.


| Shield of Heidel (RMB)

- Changed to have cooldown applied continuously while using the skill.


| Shield Charge A (Q)
- Changed the charge distance to match the actual distance from 5m to 6m.
- Decreased the duration of knockback effect from 1.5 second to 1.2 second.

| Shield Charge B (Q)
- Decreased the duration of knockback effect from 1.3 second to 1 second.


| Formation Break A (R)
- Increased the time it takes to transition to an attack or movement after the thrust attack by 0.13 second.
> Changed to allow the use of skill during the transition phase.


| Formation Break B (R)
- Increased the transition time into another attack by approximately 0.4 second.

[Dev Note]

Jordine excels in Trio mode due to high survivability as a brawler-type hero, and his combo attacks are considered some of the best with the addition of master skills. As a result, we have made overall nerfs to Jordine.

Heroes with no guard break ability had a difficult time against shield skills in solo mode. As a result, when Jordine and other heroes uses shield-based skills, cooldown will be applied to prevent the skills from being used continuously.



| Red Moon B (R)
- Improved the skill’s sound.




| Sun of Destruction A (R)

- Fixed an issue where players could move abnormally when they fell from elevated locations while using the skill.


| Gate Breaker A (Q)

- Increased the cooldown by 1 second
> cooldown time: (Before) 7 seconds -> (Now) 8 seconds




| Heart Stab B (Q)
- Increased the damage by approximately 9%.


| Mirage B (E)
- Increased the damage by approximately 13%.
- Increased the charge distance from 3m to 6m.


| Shadow Strike B (R)
- Changed effect from ‘knockback’ for 0.8 second to ‘knockup’ for 1.2 second.

[Dev Note]

B skills are melee attacks that can be used continuously compared to A skills, which is more suitable for ambush style attacks. However, there were limits to playing as Haru with B skills due to her low survivability. As a result, we have increased the damage, charge distance, and interrupt effect the skill brings to better highlight the strengths of each B skills.



| Kamasylve Tree A (R)
- Decreased the HP recovery by approximately 200 for each Heal.
> Each Heal: (Before) 800 → (Now) 600
> Max Recovery: (Before) 5600 → (Now) 4200


| Kamasylve Tree B (R)
- Decreased skill cast time by appoximately 0.3 seconds


| Seed of Ice A (Q)
- Increased damage by approximately 12%.


| Seed of Ice B (Q)
- Increased damage by approximately 41%.


| Thunder Viper B (E)
- Increased damage by approximately 28%.

[Dev Note]

An evident aspect of Solo mode is that maintaining and recovery of HP may be difficult as other players will be there to help. However, due to the fact that players themselves can recover their HP being the reason that HP recovery was greatly decreased, we adjusted the damage level on skills so players have the ability to succesfully make attacks in solo mode.



- Increased damage on basic attacks by approximately 22%.


| Explosive Trap (RMB)
- Decreased the Installation Time by 0.3 second (1.39 -> 1.09)
-Improved so when an explosive trap explodes, nearby explosive traps do not explode.
- Decreased cooldown by 2 seconds
> Cooldown : (Before) 10 seconds -> (Now) 8 seconds
- Decreased the duration time of explosive traps from 60 seconds to 30 seconds

Increased fixed damage from 1200 to 2000.


| Twin Fairy Arrow A (Q)
- Decreased fixed damage from 380 to 300.

[Dev Note]

We decreased the amount of fixed damage on the skill ‘Twin Fairy Arrow A’ and increased the number of basic attacks so players are less dependent on the ‘Twin Fairy Arrow A’ skill. In addition, we increased the damage of explosive traps and adjusted so continuous explosions oes not occur, instead made it possible so a strong single explosion can be made to increase the efficiency of the effect.



| Iron Pulverizer (RMB)

- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Corpse Cut A, B (Q)

- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Grave Digging B (E)
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Blood Flurry A (R)
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Blood Flurry B (R)
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.
- Decreased the HP recovery when succesfully targeting enemies.
> (Before) 300 → (Now) 250

[Dev Note]

For Goyen, the recent and continuous increasement of his skillset such as high damage level and low consumption of stamina has placed him in advantage. As much as these skillsets seem greatly effective for solo mode, these qualities make up for Goyen’s potential so most of it will remain the same. However, his ability to transition into another skill will be removed.

In solo mode, it will be crucial for players to be aware of the enemy’s skills and movement as the ability to evade and target them will become very important. But for Heroes like Goyen and Taghal, their abilities allow them to instantly transition into another skill while using one for the most part. These situations make it difficult for the opponent to withstand so we worked on minimizing this factor as much as possible. However, the skill ‘Gatekeeper’ leaves heroes to gain power on the spot and because of this, opponents will most likely have the chance to respond thus being the reason why their transitioning abilities remain.



| Asura Tread (RMB)

- Increased the movement speed of the skill by approximately 0.1 second

> Charge distance remains the same.


| Sleeve Tangler B (E)

- Increased the transition time into another attack after using ‘Golden Gate A’ by approximately 0.23 second




| Switch Stance (RMB)

- Decreased cooldown by 1 second
> (Before) 2 second > (Now) 1 second


| Patience Shield (RMB)

- Decreased the cooldown.
> (Before) 12 second > (Now) 8 second
- Increased the skill’s territory.
> (Before) 10m > (Now) 15m
- Changed so cancelling of a skill cannot be made through moving.


| Patience Stance - Heavenly Descent A (R)

- Changed so that upon making a succesful target, you are taken to the target location.
> (Before) Move to successful target location if targeted within a certain range → (Now) Move to successful target location.
- Decreased the time of combo into second attack by 0.5 second
- Increased the duration of ‘Stun’ by 0.3 second

[Dev Note]

We decreased the cooldown of the skill ‘Shield of Fortitude' in order to increase the usability of ‘Switch Stance’ and ‘Patience Stance’. In addition, we improved the teleport mechanics of 'Heavenly Descent' and decreased the transition time from the first attack to the second attack to ensure that if the attack speed reaches a certain rate, it is guaranteed that it'll follow up to a second attack.

To elaborate on the 'teleport' mechanics, there was an issue where players could not teleport even when they successfully hit a target. This issue has been fixed to ensure that players will teleport properly after a successful hit. However, the skill has been changed so that targeting of enemies must be made more precisely in order to successfully hit the target.




| Scale Ripper (RMB)
- Increased the time to transition into other actions by approximately 0.1 second

| Skull Crusher A (Q)
- Increased cooldown by approximately 1 second
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.
- Increased the time to transition into other actions by approximately 0.2 second


| Skull Crusher B (Q)
- Increased the cooldown by approximately 1 second
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Heart Gouge A (R)
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.


| Heart Gouge B (R)
- Changed to prevent transition to another skill while using a skill.
- Changed so transition to other skills cannot be made while using a skill.
- Increased the time to transition into other actions by approximately 0.167 second.

[Dev Note]

Due to his high base stats as a brawler-type hero, great damage output, and good combo attack abilities, Taghal will perform well in solo mode. As a result, we decreased his capacity to transition into other actions, similar to Goyen, in order to enhance the risk in his skill usage.
| Rockwind B (E)
- Increased damage by approximately 16%.


| Shield of Revenge (RMB)
- Changed the cooldown to apply continuously while the skill is used




| First Blade: Howling Gale B (Q)

- Decreased the skill’s cast time by 0.13 second

- Increased damage by 11%.

- Changed so charge distance matches the actual skill’s distance from 4m to 6m


| Second Blade: Countercurrent A (E)
- Removed the guard effect from skill
- Increased damage by approximately 9%


| Fourth Blade: Demon Rend B (R)
- Changed so Sura gathers strength on the first movement
- Increased the speed of gathering strength by approximately 25%
- Increased the charge speed to match the actual skill’s effect.




- Increased Heilang’s basic damage by approximately 20%


| Heilang (RMB)
- Decreased HP recovery to the following.

> (Before) Instantly Recover +800 HP, Recover +800 HP for 8 seconds
> (Now) Instantly Recover +700 HP, Recover +700 HP for 10 seconds


| Heilang! Sic 'em! (RMB)

- Decreased the damage of Heilang’s Explosion by approximately 10%.
> Damage (Before): 600
> Damage (Now): 520

| Monkey: Reach! B (Q)

- Increased the damage by 18.5%.


| Heilang's Territory A (R)

- Decreased HP recovery to the following.
> (Before) Recover Max +2000 HP for 7 seconds → (Now) Recover Max +1500 HP for 7 seconds


| Heilang's Territory B (R)
- Increased the damage of Heilang’s Explosion by approximately 66.7%.




- Increased basic attack from 150 to 180.


| Found You! A (E)
- Increased cooldown by 2 seconds


| Found You! B (E)
- Increased damage by approximately 11.6%.




- Fixed the issue where client would shut down periodically while firing or charing bullets
- Fixed the issue where so sliding would not be performed while stopping during a sprint
- Decreased the jump attack distance by approximately 2m


| Charged Shot A (Q)

- Fixed the issue where only basic attacks of Reload would be activated after using a skill




| Shadow Bullet (RMB)
- Decreased cooldown from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds


| Frightening Crow A (R)
- Decreased the HP Recovery for each number of Power of Quturan.

> 0: (Before) Recover HP +1500 for 8 seconds → (Now) Recover HP +1000

> 1: (Before) Recover HP +2000 for 8 seconds → (Now) Recover HP +1500

> 2: (Before) Recover HP +2500 for 8 seconds → (Now) Recover HP +2000

> 3: (Before) Recover HP +3000 for 8 seconds → (Now) Recover HP +2500


| Frightening Crow B (R)
- Increased cooldown from 26 seconds to 30 seconds
- Decreased the maximum hit for the skill ‘Frightening Crow’ from 3 hits to 2 hits
- Increased the inflicted damage per single hit by approximately 50%
- Increased the movement speed of the Crow following Hexe Marie by approximately 50%
- Enhanced the effect of inflicted hits of the Crow




| Kriegsmesser Parry (RMB)
- Changed the cooldown to apply continously while the skill is used.


| Garden of Roses B (R)

- Decreased skill cast time by approximately 0.34 seconds
- Adjusted so the ‘Garden of Roses’ effect would apply to areas within a 5m radius of Ataraxia.



■ Content


| Stoneback Crab

- The description of HP buff gained upon successfully defeating a Stoneback Crab have been changed to the following.
> (Before) Recover +3000 HP for 10 seconds → (Now) Recover HP +3000 for 5 seconds
- Fixed so Stoneback Crab within a 1 minute distance would be displayed on the timeline.


| AI Players

- Changed so AI Haru would purchase ‘Plate Armor’ instead of ‘Orb of Destruction’.
- Changed so AI Ahon Kirus would purchase ‘Cloak of Giants’ instead of ‘Orb of Destruction’.

- Changed so when Heroes would drop the following items upon death in Trio mode.

> Rare: Hand of Salvation, Red Dragon's Offering

> Boss Defense Gear: Giath's Helmet, Bheg's Gloves, Muskan's Shoes, Griffon's Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Leebur's Gloves, Urugon's Shoes

[Dev Note]

Players who has played solo mode may remember the rewarding experience that comes from defeating a player and acquiring their loots. With the current shop system, players cannot use all the items due to limited slots. However, we've added a limited loot system that will allow players to pick up rare items and boss defense gear from defeated players.


| Monster

- Decreased the number of tokens that can be acquired from defeating Shadow Knight from 80 to 50.
- Shadow Knights will now appear near Extraction Mill, Training Camp, and Windmill Village after 1 minute into the game.

> Extraction Mill Area: Total of 22

> Training Camp Area: Total of 11

> Windmill Village Area: Total of 13

- Changed to make 3 Goblin Thieves appear at the Wheat Farm after 1 minute into the game.

> A total of 6 of them will appear.

- Obtain one of the items listed below when you defeat a Goblin Thief.



Approximately 1%

Rare items (Hand of Salvation, Red Dragon's Offering)

Boss Defense Gear (Urugon's Shoes, Muskan's Shoes, Leebur's Glove, Bheg's Gloves, Giath's Helmet, Griffon's Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor)

Approximately 10%

Low-grade items ((Black Necklace, Curved Wooden Sword, Work Gloves, Bloody Gem, Hunting Hawk Amulet, Steel Longsword, Iron Shield, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield, Farmer's Headband, Worn Boots, Shamanic Stick)

Approximately 89%

Consumable (HP Potion, Sandwich, Beacon of Light, Mysterious Kettle, Elixir of Corruption)

[Dev Note]

We are currently improving the hunting zone in each region to ensure that players can take advantage of any area they land into. In the past, the best locations to hunt was the north of Demi River where players can hunt River Stoneback Crabs or Ruins Golem or start from southeast to hunt Shadow Knight Captains and then move towards the east to hunt Shadow Shamans at the Training Camp.

In this update, Shadow Knight Captains will appear to the south of the Extraction Mill in addition to regular monsters, which will make it easier for players to grow as the match progresses. Goblin Thief will appear at south of wheat farm which will make players rely on luck as they grow through the early stages of the game. Although players fly into random direction at the start of the match, we recommend that players to use the Jump Gate to locate other playrs, and then find their ideal hunting routes.


| Red Dragon

- Decreased the burn damage of Red Dragon by approximately 20%.

[Dev Note]

Although the Red Dragon is an essential object used in every round, we were concerned that the Red Dragon might've been a bit too strong since it can defeat any hero with a single attack. We are currently developing a content where players can choose to use ancient objects such as Red Dragon instead of having them appear as random drops. However, since the Red Dragon is appears almost every round, we've slightly decreased its damage to the point where any hero with sufficient DP can withstand the Red Dragon's attack.


| Shop

- Reduced the price of the Mysterious Kettle from 400 to 300.


| Additional Fixes and Improvements

- Added an eyeball effect that appears when you obtain a vision range increase effect from the following skill or items below.

> Aal's Eye, Beacon of Light, Wu-Ju's Hide & Seek B (However, the effect will not be displayed from Hide & Seek A, because you are in stealth.)

- Added a defeat alert message to appear upon defeating a Shadow Knights Captain and Shadow Shamans.

- Improved the buff icon and effect that appears upon defeating heroes.

- Changed the stoneback crab description from the guide located at the bottom of the Trio party screen.

> (Before) 2 types of Stoneback Crabs in 3 minutes and 6 minutes → (Now) 3 types of Stoneback Crabs in 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 6 minutes

- Changed the buff icon for Stoneback Crab’s Leg which can obtained from defeating River Stoneback Crab.

- Fixed an issue where the rewards screen blocked the clan introduction edit button.

- Fixed the issue so when leaving a match after it started, the ‘Tower of Ascension’ background music would be played while being taken to the Lobby.

- Fixed an issue where the 'Barrier' skill description was displayed incorrectly.



■ Event


- [Say Hello to the New DevTalk Forum!] event has started!

> Event Period: July 29, 2021 (Thursday), after maintenance - August 12, 2021 (Thursday), before maintenance

> Post on the DevChat forum to receive rewards!


- [Solo Match, Let’s Go!] event has started!

> Event Period: Begins July 29, 2021 (Thursday) 20:00 (UTC+9) - Approximately 1 hour

> Play solo mode in the custom mode created by the GM and earn rewards!



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Official Website


| [Overview] > [Heroes]

- Improved the hero select view from the page.


| [Community] - [DevChat]

- Added DevChat forum.

> As mentioned previously from ‘Discussing the Main Issues and Content of the Online QnA’ dev note, we’ve added a forum where players can communicate with developers.

> Make sure to check out the forum launch event from the event notice section!

> Learn more about [Special Delivery from DevChat. Did someone order a keybard?] event.



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website

* The following improvements and changes were implemented to the Pearl Abyss website as of July 28 (Wednesday).


- Improved date format conventions for each language.

- Upon returning to the e-mail verification page after signing up, you will automatically be logged in.

- [STEAM] Improved to display the following message for users who have not completed e-mail verification when they click on some menus from the website.

> Additional information is required in order to use the official website. Please provide this information and complete verification after logging in to the launcher.

- Fixed an issue where the Games information did not appear on the network bar at top of My Page.



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We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will inform players through the linked page when the issues are resolved.


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