Updates [Update] June 2 (Thu) Update Details
ShadowArena 2022-06-02 05:40 (UTC+0)

Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on June 2 (Thu).   

* Patch Size: Approx. 198.87 MB   

Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena!   


[Dev Note] 
Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena Development team.

In preparation of the first update after the start of a new preseason, various big and small adjustments were made in regard to changes made in hero balance. 

In particular, various fixes brought up by players were applied in this update. As much as we value the feedback of our players, we feel regrettable as developers about not being able to get to these issues beforehand. We would like to express our gratitude to our players who have provided us with valuable feedback and have been in continuous support of Shadow Arena.


■ Hero


Jordine Ducas


| Shield Charge (Q) 

- Changed so you cannot quickly use another skill after performing additional jump attack. 
> You can use other skills after jump thrust. 
- Improved the camera effect. 

| Spinning Slash (E) 

- Changed the first CC effect of the spinning attack from blowback to knockdown for 1.2 sec. 
- Changed additional attack. 
> Move forward slightly and perform a powerful spin attack. 


| Formation Break (R)  

- Changed the CC effect of smash attack from knock up for 1.8 sec to blowback for 1.5 sec. 
- Decreased the direction change speed while casting.

[Dev Note]  

Regarding the changes made to Jordine’s skills, we focused on strengthening the concept of each of his skills.  

For the previous current shield charge, you were able to cancel the additional jump thrust attack after using the skill. Because of that, the duration of the CC effect on the additional thrust attack became somewhat overshadowed leading to losing its initial purpose as a skill. Therefore, adjustments were made to meet the original purpose as a skill through this patch. 

The previous additional attack of spinning slash allowed players to experience the fun in charging towards opponents who were blown back by the attack. However, it did not meet the concept of a “powerful skill”, so adjustments were made. 

We hope that players experience a different style of fun through these changes in skills. 



| Fallen Flower (RMB)  
- Added control details to skill description.  
- Increased the stamina consumption from 20 to 30. 
- Increased the stamina consumption by approximately 130% upon maintaining skill. 


| Red Moon (R)  

- Removed the blowback effect upon quickly performing the last attack while using the skill. 
  > The blowback effect is applied if the skill is used till the end.

[Dev Note]  

After the last update, Scarlet Blade (Yeonhwa’s passive) greatly enhanced her combat abilities by enhancing other skills, and Fallen Flower also added powerful debuff effect, which also increased Yeonhwa’s mobility as well. There was a situation where Red Moon would be canceled after breaking down the opponent’s defense in order to quickly supply the Red Scarlet buff. 
As a result, we’ve removed some of the merits that came from quickly canceling the attack, and to allow the opponents to better deal with the attack. 




| Shadow Step (RMB)

- Decreased the duration of stealth from 5 sec to 4 sec. 


| Thunder Rip (F)  

- Improved so smash down can immediately be used in air after using skill.  
- Improved the camera effect.

[Dev Note]  

Haru is a hero that excels in evasion and attack maneuvers by utilizing Shadow Step. Due to that, we’ve slightly decreased the stealth duration cooldown from 5 sec to 4 sec. 

It was difficult to hit the target with Thunder Rip since Haru would leap into the air before slamming the ground when the skill is used. As a result, we’ve made changes so that additional changes can be made when the skill is in use to increase the skill’s versatility. 




Badal the Golden 

| Asura Tread (RMB)

- Decreased the attack range of Vice from 2.5m to 2m. 
- Improved the skill effect of Vice. 
- Fixed the issue where the motion appeared unnaturally upon using Vice after using Asura Tread backward. 
- Fixed the issue where you would immediately transition to non-combat sprint when sprinting after using Asura Tread. 

| Thunder Breaker (Q)  

- Changed so super armor is only applied until the last attack while Golden Gate is active. 
  > Before: Super armor until the last smash down attack ends. 
  → Now: Super armor up until the last smash down attack. 

| Golden Gate (R)  

- Decreased the increase AP and DP effect from 100 to 50. 
- Removed knockback effect after using skill. 

[Dev Note] 

Badal is a hero that specializes in skirmishes allowing him to excel in 1v1 battle. 

In the last preseason, we greatly increased the stats of Golden Gate to allow players to rely more on the Golden Gate skill. However, we realized that the stat increase made him a bit too strong, which is the reason why we decided to readjust the stats and remove the knockback effect. 

In addition, we’ve decreased the attack range of Asura Tread – Vice to allow the skill to be used in even in close-quarter fights. 

Because Thunder Breaker is greatly enhanced when Golden Gate is active, we’ve made changes so that the skill comes with a small risk if it fails to hit a target. 



| Skull Crusher (Q)

- Improved to use lateral attacks after casting skill. 
- Improved to perform other motions faster after using skill. 

| Wing Breaker (E) 
- Decreased the attack range from 2.5m to 2.2m. 


- Fixed the issue where casting a skill during non-combat sprint caused the skill to go into cooldown without it being used. 

| Radiant Pursuit (Q) 

- Improved to quickly transition to another action if the attack fails. 

| Blades of Retribution (E) 

- Increased the casting speed by approximately 16%. 
- Increased the duration of stun from 1 sec to 1.5 sec. 

| Radiant Slash/Shield Throw (F) 

- Fixed the issue where Heavenly Descent/Judgment of Light was used instead if the skill was casted during non-combat sprint. 

| Heavenly Descent/Judgment of Light (R) 

- Fixed the issue where Radiant Slash/Shield Throw was used instead if the skill was casted during non-combat sprint. 


- Fixed the issue where casting a skill during non-combat sprint caused the skill to go into cooldown without it being used.

| Third Blade (F) 
- Fixed the issue where the passive skill effect did not apply on a successful last hit. 



| Rock Explosion (F)

- Increased the attack range from 3.5m to 4.0m. 
- Improved the skill hit registration. 
- Added super armor effect while casting skill. 
- Increased cooldown from 7 sec to 11 sec. 

| Rockwind (E)  

- Decreased the cooldown from 15 sec to 12 sec. 
- Added super armor effect upon using skill. 
- Increased the duration to perform an additional attack from 6 sec to 8 sec. 
- Increased the knock up CC effect of the additional attack from 1 sec to 1.4 sec. 
- Improved to apply additional damage when knockback is applied near Gorgath.  


| Forbidden Alchemy (R)  

- Fixed the typo in the skill description. 
- Improved the color emphasis in the skill description.

[Dev Note]

Gorgath is a unique hero, who uses the Earth Alchemy Stone (RMB) to control a zone or mitigate the enemy’s attack, to engage in combat. But if Earth Alchemy Stone fails to the hit the target, Gorgath would be at a disadvantage. 
As a result, defensive effects has been added to certain skills to allow Gorgath to still perform combos even if Earth Alchemy Stone fails to hit a target. 



- Decreased the base AP from 240 to 230.

| Thunderclap (P) 
- Decreased the AP reduction effect from –50 to-30. 
- Decreased the AP reduction duration from 5 sec to 3 sec. 


| Thunder Strike (Q)  

- Changed so skill cannot be used while moving. 
- Decreased the attack range of Thunder Charge from 4m to 3.5m 
- Increased the max damage of Thunder Charge by 21%. 
- Changed so immediately switching the camera in the aiming direction when performing a smash attack is unavailable. 

| Altar Destroyer (E)  

- Increased the cooldown from 8 sec to 10 sec.  


| Avalanche (R)  

- Increased the cooldown from 18 sec to 20 sec.

[Dev Note] 

Igrid is currently one of strongest heroes in the game. 
Thunder Strike was a skill that could be used while on the move, and its wide attack area and super armor defensive effects allowed Igrid to initiate attacks. In addition, Igrid was able to attack consecutively by taking advantage of the short cooldown and increased crowd control duration when using her other main skills. 

We made some adjustments to keep Igrid’s overall power in check, but we think she’ll remain as one of the strongest heroes in the game. With that said, we’ll continue to actively monitor Igrid and make overall balance changes in the future. 



| Iron Buster (Passive)  
- Increased the total number of bullets from 4 to 5. 


| Reload (RMB)  

- Changed to allow use of Explosive Slugfest when you have maximum 5 bullets. 
- Added enhanced effects to Explosive Slugfest when Overload is active.  




Explosive Slugfest 


Can be used by using up to 5 bullets 

Attack Range: 3m  

Max Damage: 1040%  

Max Number of Hits: 6  

Stun: 1 sec  

Explosive Slugfest - Overload  

Available once 

Attack Range: 3m  

Max damage: 1040%  

Max Number of Hits: 6  

Stun: 1초  


Available once 

Attack Range: 4m  

Max damage: 1420%  

Max Number of Hits: 7  

 Blowback for 1.2 sec upon attack  

Guard Break 

Super Armor 



| Focused Shot (Q)  

- Increased the maximum number of shots. 
- Added an increased projectile speed by 50% effect when Overload is active. 

| Power Jump (E)  

- Improved so that direction can be selected using directional keys. 
> Smash attack can be used when skill is used forward. 
- Decreased cooldown of using skills in when Overload is active by 2 sec. 
- Increased the duration of knockback CC effect from 0.8 sec to 1.2 sec upon successfully targeting skill. 

| Charged Shot (F)  

- Increased the aiming range while charging from 5m to 30m. 
- Improved to fire a single shot quickly without having to charge. 
- Added an effect that increases projectile and charging speed by 50%. 
- Fixed the issue where blowback information was missing on the skill description. 
- Improved the camera effect. 

| Overload (R)  

- Decreased the cooldown from 30 sec to 25 sec. 
- Increased the duration from 8 sec to 10 sec. 
- Added information about the enhancement effect it adds to each skill. 
  > Explosive Slugfest: Super armor and increase damage, hit count, and attack area 
  > Focused Shot: Increase projectile speed by 50% 
  > Power Jump: Decrease cooldown by 2 sec 
  > Charged Shot: Increase projectile and gathering speed by 50%

[Dev Note] 
Tantu is hero that specializes in ranged attacks. 
But unlike Orwen or Herawen, Tantu utilizes a unique mechanism that revolves around the Iron Buster, which is the reason why he tends to be overlooked. 
Bullet management is crucial when playing as Tantu, as a result, he relied heavily on his Overload ability, because it grants him the ability to use skills without using bullets. 
In order to decrease his dependence on Overload, we increased the maximum bullet count, and made improvements so that Explosive Slugfest can be used even when Overload is not active to maximize his strong melee capabilities. 
We expect that these changes will greatly bolster his melee abilities since Tantu will be able to unleash another Explosive Slugfest under the effects of Overload after using an Explosive Slugfest. 
We also decreased the cooldown and increased the duration of Overload, so that skills can be used more frequently, and enhancement effect will be applied to each skill as well. We expect that these changes will make Tantu a more versatile hero. 


Ba-Ri & Heilang 

| Monkey: Reach! (Q)

- Added an invincibility effect that is temporarily applied at the start of the skill.. 

- Increased the attack range from 2.5m to 3m. 

- Improved to allow immediate smash attack by pressing LMB while skill is being casted. 


| Crow: Shoo! (E) 

- Added a defensive effect when advancing forward while swinging the Celestial Bo Staff. 

- Increased the cooldown from 7 sec to 10 sec. 

- Increased the maximum damage by approximately 13%. 



Hexe Marie  

- Changed the skill slot order of Shadow Bullet and Harbinger’s Scythe.
  > Before: Shadow Bullet (F), Harbinger’s Scythe (RMB) 
  > After: Shadow Bullet (RMB), Harbinger’s Scythe (F) 


| Shadow Bullet (RMB)  

- Increased the duration of cooldown from 3 sec to 4 sec. 


| Shadow of Quturan (Q) 

- Improved to allow the use of directional keys to perform a charge or lateral attacks. 

- Added Bleed effect to apply when the skill is used in its enhanced form. 

- Increased the duration of knockup from 1 sec to 1.5 sec when the skill is used in its enhanced form. 

- Improved to make it faster to transition to the next action when the skill is enhanced as opposed to its non-enhanced form. 

| Contaminated Sacrifice (E)  

- Improved the camera animation of the skill. 
- Improved to transition faster to the next action after using the skill by approximately 0.2 sec. 
- The following skill effects will be applied depending on the number of Power of Quturan. 




Normal Use  

Summon an extra Undying Knight 

Summon an extra Undying Knight (unchanged) 

Use Power of Quturan 

Use 1 Power of Quturan  

- Add defensive effect 

- Summon 2 Undying Knights 

Use Power of Quturan x1  

- Add defensive effect 

- Decrease cooldown by 3 sec 

- Summon 1 Undying Knight 


Use Power of Quturan x2 

- Add defensive effect 

- Decrease cooldown by 2 sec 

- Summon 2 Undying Knights 


Use of Power of Quturan x3 

- Add defensive effect 

- Decrease cooldown by 1 sec 

- Summon 3 Undying Knights 

> Increase maximum damage 


| Harbinger’s Scythe (F) 

- Changed to make it possible to perform a consecutive spinning attack by using an extra Power of Quturan. 
> Before: Use Power of Quturan x1 to enhance skill and perform consecutive spinning attacks 
→ Now: Use Power of Quturan x1 to enhance skill, and use another Power of Quturan to perform consecutive spinning attacks. 
- Removed the super armor effect when performing the final attack during a consecutive spinning attack. 
- Increased the maximum damage by 11%. 
- Increased the cooldown of the skill from 5 sec to 9 sec. 
- Improved the camera animation of the skill. 


| Frightening Crow (R) 

- Decreased the cooldown from 25 sec to 24 sec. 
- Improved the camera effect.

[Dev Note] 
Managing the “Power of Quturan” resource is a key component to consider when playing as Hexe Marie. However, it was easy to gather Power of Quturan, and Hexe Marie players were always able to use empowered skills because skills didn’t used only a small portion of the Power of Quturan resources. 

Shadow Bullet allowed quick gathering of Power of Quturan, and Harbinger’s Scythe 

Hexe Marie could quickly amass Power of Quturan with Shadow Bullets, and thanks to the short cooldown of Harbinger’s Scythe, use the empowered version of the skill to endure fights for a long period of time. These factors were a little problematic since it made Hexe Marie a bit too strong. 

As a result, in this update, we’ve changed the Power of Quturan usage feature, and also changed the order of the skill slots. 

The key command for Shadow Bullets has been changed to RMB, and its cooldown time has increased as well. 

Because this skill is used primarily as a ranged attack and to farm Power of Quturan, we felt that changing to a mouse key would make the skill more convenient to use. 

As for Harbinger’s Scythe, we have greatly increased the cooldown and increased the Power of Quturan consumption as well, which will make it harder to sustain fights for a prolonged period of time compared to before. 

However, directional keys can now be used to control the direction of Shadow of Quturan. In addition, players can now perform charges or lateral evasion attacks, which will offer more versatility when engaged in combat. 


Durgeff Durkhan 

| Fire-rang (RMB)

- Decreased the cooldown from 9 sec to 8 sec. 


| Thaw Winter (Q) 

- Decreased the cooldown from 13 sec to 12 sec. 


| Song of Fire (E) 

- Added super armor effect while skill is in use. 


| Burning Hula Hoop (R) 

- Decreased the cooldown from 30 sec to 25 sec. 


■ Contents 

- Shadow Lords no longer loses their HP gradually when they are not in combat. 
- Decreased the max HP of Gigagord by approximately 7.2%. 
- Decreased the max HP of Saigord by approximately 6.2%. 
- Decreased the max HP of Margord by approximately 14.3%. 
- Changed the Shadow Lord buff effect to the following.





Buff will disappear upon death 

Buff will remain even upon death  


AP +20, DP +20  

AP +20  


AP +30, DP +30  

AP +40  


AP +40, DP +40  

AP +60  


AP +50, DP +50  

AP +80  

[Dev Note] 
Shadow Lords are objects that gives players the opportunity to acquire powerful buffs and items. As a result, players would focus on claiming control of these powerful objects. 
However, instead of having all players vy for control of these powerful objects, we’re seeing a situation where only certain players are claiming control of the Shadow Lords. As a result, we’ve made some changes, so that the “Shadow Lord” concept is more consistent. 

In addition, there was also the case where players would easily defeat Shadow Lords, because they would naturally lose their HP over time. We’ve removed that HP reduction effect, which in turn will make it longer to take down Shadow Lords now. 

Furthermore, we’ve removed the survival-centered defensive bonus from the Shadow Lord’s buff, but maximized its offensive effects. We’ve also made changes so that the buff will remain even upon death. 

- Added additional spawn locations of Stoneback Crabs. Stoneback Crabs will no longer spawn in only fixed locations. 

> Changed the order at which Mountain Stoneback Crabs and Steppe Stoneback Crabs appear depending on arena. 


- Added Marsh Stoneback Crab 

- Defeat Effect: Stamina +15, Movement Speed +8% 

> River Stoneback Crab or Marsh Stoneback Crab will appear in the arena. Marsh Stoneback Crab will appear in Extraction Mill and Eastern Marsh. 




- Changed the Stoneback Crab buff effect to remain even upon death once it is acquired. 
- Fixed the issue where Stoneback Crabs moved back when it was getting hit. 
- Increased the amount of tokens that can be obtained from Stoneback Crabs. 




River Stoneback Crab 



Mountain Stoneback Crab 



Steppe Stoneback Crab 



[Dev Note]  

The next important objects after Shadow Lords are Stoneback Crabs.  

However, it takes awhile to take down Stoneback Crabs and the rewards were lackluster and the buff disappeared upon death. Due to these risks, Stoneback Crabs fell out of favor. As a result, we changed the buff to remain even upon death, and increased the amount of tokens that can be earned. We expect these changes will allow Stoneback Crabs to offer a more strategic value to players. 


- [Trio Mode] Fixed the issue where Sealing Stone would appear. 
- Decreased the tokens that can be obtained from Shadow Soldiers upon destroying a cauldron from 40 tokens to 20 tokens. 

- Changed to have small chance of obtaining an item from Shadow Solders who appear when the cauldron is destroyed. 


| AI Bot  

- Improved to make more diverse purchases from the shop. 

- Fixed an issue where AI bots would only perform the cheering motion upon obtaining an item. 

- Changed the cooldown of Black Spirit Skills to be the same as regular heroes. 

- Fixed the issue where Orwen (AI Bot) would occasionally be able to perform Arrow Storm (E) even under crowd control effects. 



| Flow of the Arena  

- [Blackstar Follower] Changed the location of some Blackstar Beacons depending on where the last ascension point appears. 

- [Blackstar Follower] Added additional Blackstar Beacons. 


- [Ancient Transportation Device] Changed the location of some Jump Gates depending on where the last ascension point appears. 

- [Ancient Transportation Device] Added additional Jump Gates. 


- [Forest Gatekeepers] Changed the spawn location of the Dim Tree Spirit depending on where the last ascension point appears. 

- [Forest Gatekeepers] Changed to have only one Dim Tree Spirit appear every 7 minutes. 

> The Dim Tree Spirit will not appear in 4:30. 


- The Dim Tree Spirit will begin to amass fellow Tree Spirits. 

  > The Nature Spirits and Small Tree Spirits follow the Dim Tree Spirit. 

  > The Tree Spirits will escort the Dim Tree Spirit and attack from afar. 

  > However, defeating the monster will yield no beneficial effects. 


- Changed how the Dim Tree Spirit engages in battle. 

  > Summons 2 Small Tree Spirits if its HP is below 50%. 

  > The Dim Tree Spirit will start to gather life energy when its HP is below 30%. It will recover its HP once it finishes, and the HP recovery amount will depend on the number of Small Tree Spirits. 


- Fixed the issue where the Shadow Lords and Ancient Relic timer location displayed abnormally when the Dark Fog moved to the Eastern Marsh. 


- Fixed the issue where the notification message didn’t disappear when a rival defeated an object. 

- Added a rival notification that will appear when a rival defeats the Dim Tree Spirit. 

- Added a notification that will change when a rival obtained the Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, orb item, and Shadow Lord gear. 



■ Fixes and Improvements to the Pearl Abyss Website 

* The fixes and improvements listed below were applied during the May 31 (Tue) maintenance made on the Pearl Abyss website. 
- IP address can now be viewed from My Page > Account Security Center > View Login History. 
- Fixed the issue where you couldn't access the official website if you didn't have the proper Cookie settings. 




▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 


Click the link above to view the known issues that are currently being investigated by the developers.   

We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.   


Thank you.