Updates [Update] June 15 (Wed) Update Details
ShadowArena 2022-06-15 06:00 (UTC+0)


Here are the updates made to Shadow Arena during the maintenance on June 15 (Wed). 
* Patch Size: Approx. 199.92 MB 
Check out the details below, and we will see you in the Arena! 



■ Hero

[Dev Note]

Hello, this is the Shadow Arena Development Team. 


Starting with the last update, we’ve continued making more hero balance adjustments in this update. We especially made adjustments to the grapple skill by slightly increasing the cooldown and added a decrease cooldown effect upon failing to grapple to reduce the risk involved in failed attempts. 
The Grapple skill has a short range, but it is a powerful skill that can neutralize all defensive effects other than invincibility. As a result, we’ll continue monitoring the situation and make balance adjustments should it be required. 



Ba-Ri & Heilang 

- Improved the action of basic controls. 


| Heilang (RMB) 

- Decreased the buff effect duration of Heilang: Roar: Combat from 10 sec to 6 sec. 


| Crow: Shoo! (E) 

- Decreased the casting rate by approximately 0.3 sec. 

- Increased the blowback duration from 1.5 sec to 2 sec. 


| Heilang’s Territory (R) 

- Added an effect that increases movement speed +15% when inside Heilang’s Territory. 




- Increased the base AP from 180 to 260. 

- Decreased the base DP from 80 to 30. 


| Take Off! (RMB) 

- Decreased the skill casting time by approximately 0.5 sec. 

- The first attack will stun the target. Then, press LMB or RMB to quickly perform a smash attack and blowback the target. 

- Increased the max damage to approximately 18% - 25%. 



| Switch Stance (RMB) 

- Changed so Switch Stance can be used while using any skill. 


| Blades of Retribution / Breath of Elion (E)  
- Changed the debuff effect of the last hit of blades of retribution from knockdown 1.4 sec to blowback 1.3 sec. 

| Glaring Slash / Shield Throw (V)
- Decreased the damage of shield throw by approximately 20%. 


| Heavenly Descent (R) 

- Changed to increase travel distance when you hold the skill key. 

- Decreased the time it takes to jump when casting the skill by approximately 0.2 sec. 




- Fixed the issue where damage was not applied when performing a basic lateral attack from its minimum range. 

- Improved to quickly transition into another action during a sprint attack. 

- Fixed the issue where Sacred Shield (RMB) and Summon Arduanatt (F) could not be used after using Kick. 


| Sacred Shield (RMB) 

- Changed to maintain shield stance even when Relentless Assault (passive) is active while using Sacred Shield.  


| Righteous Torment (Q) 

- Increased the travel distance from 14m to 22m. 

- Improved so that Retribution can be quickly used while using other skills. 

- Improved so that a thrust attack can be performed by pressing Q or LMB during a charge. 


| Retribution (E) 

- Improved the cooldown from 10 sec to 16 sec. 

- Added an effect that decreases cooldown by 4 sec if grapple fails. 


| Summon Arduanatt (F) 

- Decreased the cooldown from 13 sec to 10 sec. 

- Improved to transition to other actions more quickly after using the skill by 0.2 sec.

[Dev Note] 

The concept of Jousting is a hero that wields a large and heavy lancia to perform very powerful attacks. But at the same time, Jousting’s combat actions were on the heavier side which seemed a bit frustrating. 
By maintaining the concept of Jousting, we’ve made improvements to her mechanics to make her into a more versatile hero. 



Tagahl Sherekhan 

| Wing Breaker (E) 

- Increased the cooldown from 10 sec to 16 sec. 

- Added an effect that decreases cooldown by 4 sec if grapple fails. 



| Rockwind (E) 

- Removed the defensive effect. 



Gerhard Shultz 


- Increased the base attack damage by approximately 32.3%. (It does not apply to sprint jump attack or sprint attack.) 


| Unleashed Beast (RMB) 

- Removed the damage and knockback effect that was applied when casting the skill. 

- Removed the increase defense and HP recovery effect when casting the skill. 

- Increased the duration of super armor from 3 sec to 6 sec. 

- Added an effect that increases movement speed by +15% for 6 sec when casting the skill. 


| Gate Breaker (Q) 

- Increased the cooldown from 10 sec to 12 sec. 

- Removed the movement speed buff that is applied on successful hits. 

- Decreased the max damage by approximately 34%. 


| Rock Smash (E) 

-Increased the cooldown from 14 sec to 16 sec. 

- Added an effect that decreases cooldown by 4 sec if grapple fails. 

- Fixed the issue where it was possible to use skills that were in cooldown under certain situations. 

> It occurred when standing attack and jump attack successfully hit the target. 


| Sausan’s Tremble (F) 

- Decreased the cooldown from 16 sec to 10 sec. 

- Decreased the max hit from 3 to 1. 

- Removed the blowback effect. 

- Decreased the max damage by approximately 14%. 

- Increased the attack range from 2.2m - 2.8m to 3.5m. 


| Beastly Howl (R) 

- Changed to you cannot use other skills while using the skill.

[Dev Note] 

Shultz is a hero who is defined by his main super armor skill 'Unleashed Beast'. 

However, Shultz's strength was unrecognizable due to the duration of super armor being relatively short. 

So through this update, to fit the concept of Shultz as a "beast", we simplified the skills to make it more concise to use and increased the usage of his basic attacks when super armor is applied from the main skill "Unleashed Beast". 

With this, we removed the skill's crowd control effect that added increased survivability, and rather than increasing the duration of the combo, changes focused on being able to perform a powerful single attack to add efficiency to the gameplay. 



| Third Blade: Searing Flash (F) 

- Improved to transition into other motions more quickly after failing to target skill.  


| Free-Form (RMB) Meteor 

- Improved to transition into other motions more quickly after using the skill.  



| Crimson Nether Flower (E)

- Increased the attack range from 3.3m to 5m.  

- Changed how damage and CC effects are applied to the following.  

> Before:  Applies equal damage and CC effects within a certain range.  

> Now: Crescent Pendulum blade and chain each applies different damage and effects. 
Increases damage if a target is hit by the blade. Changed to apply a knockdown effect when last hit is successful with the blade. 

- Changed the duration of super armor to until the last blow.  

- Changed so other skills cannot be used while using skill.  


| Nimbus Stride (R) 

- Added super armor in mid-air effect

[Dev Note] 

Lahn is a hero who utilizes range between herself and enemies to control the fight by wielding the crescent pendulum. This unique trait is best displayed with her skill Crimson Nether Flower. In this update, we’ve increased the attack range of Crimson Nether Flower to inflict more damage to targets at the end of the attack range, meaning that determining and gauging the range between enemies will be an important part of her gameplay. 
Because Crimson Nether Flower granted super armor and applied a crowd control effect, heroes without grapple skills struggled to deal with her. As a result, we’ve decreased the super armor duration and added some risks by adjusting the crowd control effects so that the attack is only applied to targets that were hit at the end of the attack range. 


Ahon Kirus 

| Phantom Raven (RMB) 

- Decreased cooldown from 7 sec to 6 sec.  


| Sun of Destruction (R) 

- Decreased the skill casting duration by approximately 0.1 sec.  



| Thunder Viper (E) 

- Changed to not consume stamina when casting skill  


| Ancient Dragon's Breath (F) 

- Decreased cooldown from 12 sec to 10 sec.  


■ Content


| Ancient Relic  

- Fixed the issue where a back attack effect would be applied upon targeting ancient relics.  


| Flow of the Arena  

- Adjusted so probability of appearance on all flows of the Arena are equal.  

- Decreased the chances of chasers being summoned from 8% to 4%.  


| Deathmatch 
- Changed so Deathmatch arena is on rotation.  
- Colosseum, Shadow Shrine, Extraction Mill, Wheat Plantation, and Heidel will be applied until June 15, (Wed) 2022 after maintenance – June 29, (Wed) 2022 before maintenance. 
 > Deathmatch Arena: Colosseum, Shadow Shrine, Extraction Mill, Wheat Plantation, Heidel 



▶ Check out Currently Known Issues 
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We are currently working to resolve these issues, and we will update players through the linked page as soon as an issue is resolved.

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