Dev Notes [Dev Note] Haru Guide
ShadowArena 2020-02-11 06:00 (UTC+9)


An assassin from a faraway region who came to Calpheon to chase after the Blackstar that fell from the sky.


She kidnapped Lord Domongatt during the Calpheon-Heidel War, however her whereabouts became unknown since Guy Seric’s demise in year 281.



| Difficulty



| Combat Style

Haru is extremely agile, and can use Shadow Step to easily engage and disengage from fights.


| Skills

Shadow Step


Use the unique skill learned from a faraway region to travel while stealthed. Performing an attack during Shadow Step will reveal Haru to enemies.

Heart Stab

Stab the opponent's weak point to deal damage,
which causes bleeding damage over time for 20 seconds. This will also leave a mark on enemies that lasts for 5 seconds. Hitting marked enemies with Mirage deals extra damage.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Dashing distance is increased by 25% when using Heart Stab. )



Ambush to strike the enemy's ankles and knock them down. Press LMB to smash the ground and blow enemies away.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Target hit with Uproot additional strike will be marked.)

Thunder Rip


Attack the enemy from air and knock them down. Grants super armor while in air and skills will not be canceled.


(Ultimate Level Effect: After casting Thunder Ripyou will be invincible and stealthed while in the air)



Spray Kunais while evading enemy attacks, and then retreat. Hitting enemies marked with Heart Stab deals extra damage.


(Ultimate Level Effect: Mirage mark damage is increased by 25%)