Dev Notes [Dev Note] Farewell, Beta Season 8
ShadowArena 2022-04-06 05:30 (UTC+0)

Greetings, this is the Shadow Arena Team. 

Beta Season 8 which ran for 3 months has come to an end as of today’s maintenance. 

Ever since the start of Early Access began 2 years ago, there have been a total of 8 seasons and various changes were made to Shadow Arena. For players who enjoy PvP-centric genre games, we’ve worked hard to deliver a refreshing experience by emphasizing the mastery of combos and devising brilliant tactics through tight teamwork. 

Players who’ve been with us have seen through numerous updates on the various changes and their implementation. We owe them the love, support, and feedback of our players that allowed us to address issues or help us make big decisions at times. 

In the recent update, we’ve added Deathmatch as one of the main modes. This mode should relieve the frustrating aspects of dying as it is more fast-paced. It is better suited for newcomers and experienced players who are looking to enjoy the game casually. 

However, with Trio and Solo remaining as main modes, the matching for 5v5 Deathmatch did not go as smoothly as expected, resulting in insufficient data on the purpose and play results of the mode being separated.  

Therefore, with Season 8 coming to an end, we have decided to extend the duration of the preseason period. During this time, we will analyze the results of Deathmatch through our online FGT. 

We have utilized FGT as a way to implement improvements as it allows: concentrated testing in a short period, verifying the results of a patch quickly, and testing of major updates such as tutorial renewals and the reintroduction of solo mode. As this Deathmatch mode is also a patch for new players to adjust to the game, the online FGT will also evaluate and verify the purpose and fun of Shadow Arena. The online FGT will be held on the Asian server from April 13th to 15th, and non-tester players can also play during the period. 

Through this FGT, we will then determine the next steps for Shadow Arena based on the results. After the FGT, we will announce the direction that we will take through a separate notice at a later time. 

Thank you.