How to Exercise Your Personal Information Rights

Pearl Abyss and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Pearl Abyss” or the “Company”) provides services related to its PC, Mobile, and Console games and official websites (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).  


In order to provide users with our services, Pearl Abyss may store, process, and share your personal information under certain circumstances. Pearl Abyss understands the importance of protecting your personal information, and we will do our utmost to protect it.   


Users are always able to request access/transfer, deletion, restrictions to processing, and correction of their personal information through “Download All My Data,” “Delete All My Data,” “Stop Using My Data,” and “Edit My Personal Information” tools. If you wish to exercise such rights, please refer below for more information.



■ Download All My Data Tool (Right to Access/Transfer Personal Information) 

Users can use the “Download My Data” tool to request access and/or transfer for the personal information they provided.   


[How to Use the Download All My Data Tool (Right to Access/Transfer Personal Information)] 


  1) Log in to the official website 

  2) Submit a support inquiry through the [Support] -> [Your Personal Information Rights] -> [Download My Data Tool (Request to Access/Transfer Personal Information)] category. 

  ▶ Link to [Download My Data Tool (Request Access/Transfer Personal Information)]


  * It may take up to 30 days for your request to be processed. 




■ Delete All My Data Tool (Right to Delete Personal Information) 

- Users can use the “Delete All My Data” tool to request the deletion for the personal information they provided. However, you may not be able to use our game services if the information required to provide our services is deleted.  


[How to Use the Delete All My Data Tool (Right to Delete Personal Information)] 

  * Users can use the “Delete All My Data” tool to directly delete all the information provided at sign-up. Be aware that deleting your personal information will also result in the deletion of all your game data. Once deleted, please note that this data cannot be restored or recovered.  


   Link to [Delete All My Data Tool (Request Deletion of Personal Information)]


  * For more information about how to delete your personal information per account type, please refer to [How to Delete the Data Provided at Sign Up]. 

  ▶ Link to [How to Delete the Data Provided at Sign Up]




■ Stop Using My Data (Right to Restrict Processing of Personal Information) 

- Users can use the “Stop Using My Data” tool to request restrictions to the processing of their personal information. However, you may not be able to use our game services if the information required to provide our services is restricted.  


[How to Use the Stop Using My Data Tool (Request Processing Restriction of Personal Information)] 


  1) Log in to the official website. 

  2) Submit a support inquiry through the [Support] -> [Your Personal Information Rights] -> [Stop Using My Data Tool (Request Processing Restriction of Personal Information)] category.  

  ▶ Link to [Stop Using My Data Tool (Request Processing Restriction of Personal Information)]


  * It may take up to 30 days for your request to be processed. 




■ Edit My Personal Information Tool (Right to Correct Personal Information) 

- Users can use the “Edit My Personal Information” tool to request corrections to the personal information they provided.  


[How to Use the Edit My Personal Information Tool (Right to Correct Personal Information)] 


* Users can use the "Edit My Personal Information" tool to change their personal information, such as alternative email, passwords, and so forth. If you need to exercise your right to change other specific information, please contact Support.


  ▶ Link to [Edit My Personal Information Tool (Request to Correct Personal Information)] 


Requests to edit personal information will be processed once various factors including a comprehensive review of previously collected personal information are all considered.


Users can contact us via Customer Support to exercise their rights over personal information. In cases where there are specific provisions in the law/guidelines or we must comply with required laws/regulations, we may provide the information in a limited way or refuse the request due to the aforementioned reason.  


The ways you can exercise your personal information rights are subject to change according to changes in government laws/guidelines or changes in our internal policies. If any changes occur, we will update you through our website. As such, we recommend that users regularly check this content whenever they visit the website. 


If you have any related questions or concerns, please contact us via [Support]


* This “Personal Information Rights Guide” was drafted and prepared on September 1, 2021.