Regulations on Events

  1. 1. Details and participation of events

  • For the Shadow Arena event details and participation conditions, please check at [Homepage > News > Events].

  • Details of each event may be changed or suspended dependingon the situation ofthe Company. Additional information will be provided on the corresponding event page, and this will not be notified separately. 

  • If the contents of each event page and the announcement of winners are different from the Regulations on Events, the contents of each event page and the announcement of winners shall prevail.

  • If you cannot participate in the event due to reasons such as an individual's unstable network, we will not be responsible for the event, and no separate compensation will be paid.

  • In case of offline events, any loss and accident shall be in accordance with the policy rules of insurance for each event.



  1. 2. Prize winning and conditions for winning

  • Winner announcements and prize delivery schedule can be checked immediately or through the website announced separately afterwards, depending on events.

  • When announcing winners, some information such as email accounts and nicknames may be announced on the website.

  • Only one account per server is allowed for one event and duplicate winning cannot be allowed. However, if a separate notice that one participant can win multiple times for one event is given on the event page, duplicate winning will be permitted.

  • The process of selecting event winners is as follows:

  1. - We check whether the participant has completed the event, and extract the data of entry that fits the condition.
    - Those who do not meet the internal criteria according to the following criteria are excluded:
    1) Check the status of violation of the operation policy and participation in the event through an unfair method
    2) Check the history of event winning in the past 3 months (may be excluded depending on event characteristics)
    3) Checkwhether or notthe internal relationship is related to related parties

  3. - Winners are randomly selected after excluding those mentioned above.

  4. 1) The probability of winning and the winning process will be carried out confidentially.

  1. Cases falling under the following conditions may be excluded from winners. Even after the winners have been selected, winning may be canceled and the prize may be collected.

(1) When entering for an event using another person’s or false account information 

(2) When entering for an event using fraudulent methods (including stealing accounts/names, using bugs, exploiting, and stealing another person’s posts, etc.) 

(3) If the user withdraws the membership or the account has permanently been banned due to violation of the Terms and Conditions and the operating policies after winning the event 

(4) If there is a history of restriction on the use of games due to violation of the operational policies by misusing the contents and system within the last 6 months 

(5) If the event participant’s nickname includes curse or bad words 

(6) If the winner does not consent to collection of the shipping information for receipt of prizes or send the shipping information within the deadline 

(7) If the personal information for receipt of prizes and processing of taxes and public utilities’ charges cannot be provided 

(8) If the winner is not contacted by the contact information entered in the delivery information, or the event prize is returned due to reasons such as absence or incorrect addresses 

(9) If the participant has not submitted a copy of the identification when winning the event prize with taxes and public utilities’ charges, or has not paid the taxes and public utilities’ charges 

(10) If the participant has not made himself/herself clear whether to receive the prize or expressly rejected the prize 

(11) If the information cannot be verified or the incorrect information was entered in entering the shipping information for receipt of the prize 

(12) If the server region where the winner plays does not correspond to the region of the address from the entered shipping information 



  1. 3. Provision of Prizes

  • All prizes may be changed to other products with the same value without prior notice depending on internal circumstances.

  • The Company may not be responsible for all losses incurred by participating in the event or use of prizes, and related disputes and claims shall be pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

  • Prizes cannot be transferred to another person, and the winner cannot request cash or goods or services equivalent to the value of the prize.

  • In case of prizes of goods or services, the following shall be applied.

(1) In order to receive prizes of goods or services, the winner’s delivery information will be collected, and the winners’ consent must be obtained at the time of collection. 

(2) Please provide accurate delivery information (name, contact information, etc.) to make the process of shipping prizes smooth.  

(3) If the shipping information is submitted, the prize will be sent to the very last shipping address you entered based on the deadline. However, if the information you entered later is incorrect, the previously entered information will be the standard information. 

(4) Prizes of goods or services will be delivered in bulk and in order after each winner is confirmed. 

(5) If taxes are generated after receiving a prize exceeding a certain amount of money according to the tax laws of each country, or if customs duties and fees are imposed due to international shipping, we will provide a guide for a separate method of a bank account for deposit and a copy of an identification card so that the amount of money can be paid. 

(6) Winners shall pay the taxes and public utilities’ charges and submit copies of their identification in accordance with the guidance. Even if the Company pays the taxes and public utilities’ charges, a copy of the identification shall be submitted. 

(7) Prize shipping may be delayed by internal circumstances. Please contact the customer center for inquiries. 

Taxes and fees 

 - If the unit price of the prize exceeds a certain amount according to the tax laws of each country, taxes may be charged for some parts of the price. 

 - In addition, customs duties and fees may be incurred if the overseas delivery of the prize is processed. 

 - The details shall be handled pursuant to the tax law and related regulations of the countries where the winners who will receive prizes live.

For goods and items within the game, the following information shall be applied.

(1) The payment cannot be made to the account where a character has not been generated at the time of giveaways, or characters have been or will be deleted. 

(2) Prizes cannot be given in duplicates, and only one account per server can receive the prize. However, if a separate notice that one participant can receive a prize in duplicates for one event is given on the event page, duplicate receipts will be permitted. 

(3) Prizes may have restrictions on transactions, sales, and expiration dates, and the attribution settings may differ by each item. The item cannot be moved or restored due to this reason. 

(4) For more information on the attribution status of the item, please check it through the item description in the game. 

(5) If the given prize has already been used or deleted, it cannot be recovered. In addition, it may be adjusted if it is deemed to be necessary for the balance coordination and operation within the game. 

(6) Prizes will be given by mail on the following date of the announcement of winners. However, if the date has been specified on the event page, it will be given on the applicable date. 

(7) The deadline for receiving prizes may be limited depending on events. In case of mailing event prizes, the validity period of 30 days from the time of sending event prizes will be applied, and it will be deleted after the designated deadline. You can check the deadline for receiving by mail directly on the event page or your in-game mailbox. 



  1. 4. Notes by Event

  • Each event is subject to the following information. However, if the contents on each event page differ from the contents of the Regulations, the contents of each event page shall prevail first.

For post sharing events, the following information shall be applied.

(1) Sharing posts on social media must be disclosed to all, and you must clearly confirm the URL of the post you left on the event page at the time of the announcement of winners. 

(2) The secondary works using the Company’s productions, such as screenshots selected for the event prize winning, etc., may be used by the Company for the purpose of providing or promoting the services, and they may be used without any time or geographical limitations. However, if the works are to be rented or transferred at a cost, the Company shall obtain prior consent from the creator. 

(3) If there are unethical contents in nicknames or all identifiable texts appearing on the post, the participant may be excluded from winnings. 

(4) If the name of the creator of the event participation post cannot be verified or does not match with the one within the actual game, the participant may be excluded from winnings. 

(5) If the works are confirmed to have infringed the copyright or stolen another person’s posts, prize winning may be cancelled and the item may be retrieved. 

(6) Additional personal information (including name, e-mail accounts, contact information, and address) may be collected in order to send the prize at the time of winning the event, and the collected personal information will be destroyed after achieving the purpose of use. However, the exact period of retention of personal information will be guided through the consent form for collection and use of personal information. 

(7) Personal information (SNS name and ID) may be partially masked and disclosed when announcing the winners. 

(8) The personal information disclosed after the winner announcement will be deleted in full if the use is fulfilled. 



  1. 5. Privacy protection

  • The winners’ personal information may be collected for shipping prizes. In this case, collection will be performed under the consent of the winners.

  • The personal information collected from the winners, such as name and contact information of the winners, will be destroyed after the purpose of collection is achieved. However, this may not apply if the personal information must be retained in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • For the notice of winners, some personal information (including nickname, and email account) may be announced on the website and other official communities.

  • Other matters related to personal information are pursuant to Shadow Arena’s Privacy Policy.