How to Enter and Stand-by

  1. Hunt monsters and defeat all of your foes to seize victory.  

    Prove that your team is the best in the arena!  


    1. How to Enter and Stand-by


  1. 1. Select [Start] > [Trio]at the left side of the main lobby.  

    Or, press [Quick Start] at the bottom right to create a party or start the game. 



  1. 2. At the Create Party screen, click [Start] to be automatically matched with team members.  



3. When the Hero Selection Screen appears, choose 2 Black Spirit skills and a Hero, then click on [Ready]. 

What are the Black Spirit skills?

They are skills that can be used regardless of the Hero you choose. If used properly, they can help you in various situations such as escaping from a danger or overpowering an enemy.


You can choose from the following Black Spirit skills: 


Black Spirit Skills 

Skill Explanation 

Dark Shift 

Transform into Black Spirit for 3 seconds to evade all attacks, then break nearby enemies' guard and knock them back. (Ignores Super Armor)


Cooldown: 90 seconds 



Teleport forward instantly while invincible.  


Cooldown: 60 seconds 



Use a Matchlock to deal a fixed damage to an opponent and knock them down.


Cooldown: 85 seconds 


Hand of Salvation 

All team members instantly recover HP and temporarily gain more movement speed. 


Cooldown: 75 seconds 


Kick a nearby enemy and apply a powerful CC on them.  


Cooldown time: 25 seconds 


Create a thunderstorm nearby and shock the target, greatly decreasing their AP, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed. 


Cooldown time: 50 sec 


Taunt nearby monsters for a certain period of time and make them follow you. Increase extra AP against Monsters 


Cooldown time: 70 sec 


  1. 4. When all of the party members are ready, they will be transported to the arena. The game will start once enough players are gathered.


▶ Minimum required to start: 12 players 


▲ Shrine in the middle of the arena.  


Here, your team can practice fighting 3vs3 against other parties before the game starts. You can also check the Shop by pressing [B].

Requesting for a Duel [T]

- Place “the marker” in the middle of the screen on the opponent and request for a duel by pressing [T]

- When the opponent accepts the request, the duel between the two teams begins.

- Press ESC to cancel the duel.

- Duels inside the shrine do not affect the results of the game.

- Skill cooldowns and stamina consumption will all be reset when the game starts.

Shop [B]

- Players can press [B] to open Shop anywhere in the arena.

- Players can purchase items by using tokens in the Shop.

- The number of tokens you own can be seen in the top right corner.

- Tokens can be gained by defeating monsters and Heroes.


※ The contents of the game guide are subject to change depending on game updates.