Game Start and Rules


■ Game Start 


Once the game starts, players will transform into Black Spirits and fly across the arena.   
Players have a set vision range of their surroundings. The vision range is shared among party members. Monsters or objectives outside the vision range are visible, but enemy Heroes are not. 




■ Victory Requirements 


1. All other teams are eliminated.  
2. Ascend by taking control over the Light of Ascension.

Light of Ascension 
- The Light of Ascension will appear at the center of the shrine 12 minutes into the game. 
- Players can ascend by moving into the red circle around the Light of Ascension and filling up the ascension gauge. 
Party members attempting to ascend will have wings around their heads. 
- The ascension gauge will stop filling up when enemy Heroes go inside the Light of Ascension. 
The ascension gauge will reset if the all members of the party are outside the red circle while they are attempting to ascendAfter thatthe other team will have a chance to take control of the Light of Ascension. 
If a party successfully ascendsthe ascended party will win the round and the Dark Fog will cover the entire area including the safe zone. 

▲ Light of Ascension



■ Progression 

  2. 1. Players can gain temporary or permanent offensive/defensive buffs by defeating monsters or objectives in the arena.  
    ▶ Check out the [Monsters in game] and [Objects in game] guide for more details. 
    2. Players can automatically earn tokens by defeating monsters and Heroes. The tokens can be used to purchase gear or gain stats in the Shop [B].  
    3. Players gain kill buffs and tokens by defeating Heroes.  

Kill Buff

- Recover 2,000 HP over 5 seconds

- Applied to all team members


- Player that defeated the Hero: Gain 300 token

- Other team members: Gain 180 tokens (60%)



■ Reviving 


Players will turn into a grave at the exact spot they died.
But don’t give up! If at least one party member is alive, the player can revive after the grace period.
However, if the entire party members are down, that party is deemed eliminated and their rank in the game will be finalized.



■ Dark Fog  


The Dark Fog exists as a boundary in the arena and shows up on the minimap as a red circle. 

Dark Fog will close in rapidly over 5 phases. It will stay at its place until the next phase comes.  
* Dark Fog closing-in phases: 2-3 min, 5-6 min, 8-9 min, 10-12,min. 
Players in the Dark Fog will receive damage continuously. As such, the player should retreat to the safe zone quickly. 


 ▲ Dark Fog  



※ The details in this guide are subject to change with further updates.